This man has a 10-pound penis

Meet Micha Stuntz. He’s just a routine, 45-year-old man, except for the truth he’s got a penis that weighs 10 pound.


Do not be fooled, this wasn’t simply some freak of nature, Micha has actually been dabbling in the world of how much is a penis pump for rather a long time, and thanks to silicone injections it now measures 9 inches long and 5.5 inches wide. Call it the male version of breast implants, if you will.

Despite the truth you ‘d think such a huge addendum would be rather restricting in the bed room, because I’m pretty sure you ‘d need to have to do with 10 centimetersdilated and I do not think that’s possible outside labor, Micha insists it’s “great” and simply makes him “more innovative”.

“After you reach a specific size, you can’t do particular things any longer. At least not with everybody and not without some foreplay. There are other things you can do with it,” he recommended, for anyone considering the pump. “You just need to totally free yourself from established roles and solidified concepts about sex and prepare to play.”

Solidified concepts about sex. Did you have to use that pun, Micha?

Micha’s fascination with expanding his scrap established 20 years ago, when he was gifted with the slightly obscure present of a penis by someone we’re uncertain of his relationship with. “I was method too curious not to try it out,” he said in a video made by Vice.

“First, I tried it secretly for myself and I found that when I headed out pumped up, it felt excellent. I had the feeling that I had not been caught in the body I was born with, however that I had the possibility to shape it myself.”


Regardless of being filmed using latex and PVC in the middle of a gay fetish occasion in Berlin, Micha insists he’s “actually a quite shy person,” which is maybe why he relies on his enormous penis to offer him a self-confidence boost.

Having actually now gone through four procedures to improve is mate downstairs, Micha notes that, although he’s chuffed with his new shape, there is a disadvantage: finding clothing and underwear to fit. Because let’s face it, your bog-standard fighters aren’t developed with the intention of accommodating something the size of a domestic feline, are they?

But we’re simply delighted he feels comfortable enough to reveal himself in whatever way he pleases. Congratulations to Micha and his big, huge willy.

The quest for larger penis

Of course, Aristotle famously taught Alexander the Great, who consequently conquered the Middle East. Lots of may argue that these three terrific thinkers shape the start of Western viewpoint and modern-day civilization.

Aristotle was really different in his teachings and created a type of reasoning. Such thoughts became some of the roots of the clinical techniques in physics, metaphysics, principles and politics, after centuries.

Obviously, his combined works constitute an encyclopedia of Greek knowledge, and was recommended to be the last person to possess the understanding of everything there was to be known in his time. He when stated: The eyes of some persons are big, others small and others moderate size; the last pointed out are the very best. And some eyes are predicting, some deep-set, and some moderate, and those deep-set have most severe vision in all animals; the middle position is a sign of the best position.

With the understanding and principles of the excellent Greek theorist, we check out the science behind the lotions and potions and the truths and fictions of exactly what is offered for those who decline the moderate size and quest for that ultimate imagine a larger penis.


Dear DrG,

I am Cheng, 25 years old.

I am concerned that my penis may be a bit on the little size.

Like all males, I have measured my own size of penis and understood it remains in the moderate variety of 10cm when not put up and 15cm erect.

I am going out with my girlfriend at the minute and I am rather shy about the size of my penis. The doctors state it is of moderate size, I still believe it is smaller sized than most of my pals.

I get numerous e-mails about methods to enhance the size of the penis. I would just like to ask your suggestions about the stretchers, air pump, creams and the workouts. I am lured especially reading all the statements.

Can you please describe to me the science and logic behind all these approaches?

Which ones are better? Are they damaging?

Actually anticipating your responses.



Many males wonder, however not overtly issue about the size of their penises. Although numerous are curious adequate to compare themselves with their peers or the Internet, others may be concern enough to get the measuring tape out to assess the sizes.


The worry lots of males have that their penises seem too little prevails (judging from the weekly e-mails and assessments I get in the clinic). This might result in anxiety about sexual intimacy, and even compromises in self-esteem.

According to research studies, the vast bulk of males have normal size penises though they believe it is too little. Research studies also expose that males looking at their own groin from above, especially with a beer belly, tend to see their penises smaller.

Studies have actually been carried out to determine what constitute typical manhood size in various countries. A lot of have actually concluded the typical sizes step somewhere between 3 and 5 inches (8-13 cm) when drooping, and 5 to 7 inches (13-18cm) when put up. Many argue about the nations variations, most fall into the moderate ranges.

Marketers would have the majority of us think our sexual partners care deeply about the sizes of penises. Scientific data actually support no connections between sizes and sexual efficiencies.

A lot of medical professionals and counsellors would recommend patients to have open communications with their partners about their needs and desires, rather than being consumed about altering the size of their penises.

If you truly cannot get your mind from those luring adverts of numerous non-surgical penile enhancements treatments, with testimonial statements and scientific research study recommendation, remember that such items have poor scientific techniques, that do not require the analysis of the FDA. There is no prove of safety and effectiveness.

Most marketed penile enhancement treatments are ineffective, and some might lead to long-term damage. For example, the creams and potions advertised are generally vitamins, minerals, herbs or hormonal agents. There is merely no logic how such supplements channeled to sexual organs can induce enhancement.

The pumps allow blood drawn into the penis making an artificial erection. This makes the penis engorge and look bigger, momentarily!

Another device frequently included by the advertiser is the stretcher. This is an extender gadget that exerts traction on the penis daily (ouch!). A couple of small studies have reported length boosts of half an inch to nearly an inch (1-2cm).

Think about it, when the penis is stretched daily like this to acquire an inch, if it does not bring tears to your eyes, undoubtedly the girth will need to offer! Other reported workouts such as jelqing, which use a hand-over-hand movement to press blood from the base to the glans penis. Numerous men suffered scarring, discomfort and disfigurement after the exercises.

One of the wisdom delegated us by Aristotle is, the worst kind of inequality is to attempt to make unequal things equivalent. I think all males are born equivalent, and some are more equivalent than others. If you feel less equal than others, explore exactly what you can do with that inequality, instead of fretting about how it compromises you!

Penis implants finally exist and they start at a size L

Penis implants exist now and they only come (sorry) in L, XL and XXL.

Dr James Elist, urologist and inventor of the Penuma implant, has actually completely gotten rid of sizes XS to M because no one wants a little.

Demand for penis enhancement is growing (sorry, once again), however Iranian-born US-based doctor Elist is the only individual certified to place his implants.


To this day he has carried out around 1,300 operations, at a starting rate of $13,000 (9,073) each.

The Penuma, a sheathe of silicone inserted directly into the penis, can boost both length and girth and he alleviates patients from all over the world (just in case you were questioning).

And it’s not simply the genetically regrettable who are brought in to the Penuma. A lot of Elist’s clients currently had penises at the average of 5 inches or longer.

One patient, a 39-year-old accountant from LA, had a really respectable 8 inchers prior to surgery.

When asked by GQ why he bothered with the Penuma when he was already relatively well-endowed, he stated: I don’t understand. I think I simply wanted it larger.

He appears pleased although his other half isn’t too pleased (unsurprisingly, it’s made blow jobs a bit trickier).

Penis augmentations: What’s the big offer?


Penis enhancements are absolutely nothing new but until Elist invented the Penuma in 2004, options for men were limited.

Doctors cut the suspensory ligament so the penis hangs lower. This is the treatment most frequently carried out in the UK, and can cause an average boost of 1.3 cm in length. However, only 35 percent of guys who have had this operation are happy with the results.

Otherwise physicians can inject collagen or fat but this results in a bumpy, misshapen finish. Not extremely aesthetically pleasing.

And for those of you feeling bad about your manhood but not ready to go under the knife, NHS Choices helpfully suggests taking a look at it in a mirror because looking down on it from above makes it appear smaller sized.

An XL implant has actually also turned a 43-year-old plumber from Northern California, who was already at least six inches, into a sexual lunatic.

He has erections all day and every day now, his partner added.

Elist genuinely thinks his implants will make the world a more cheerful place. His original name for the Penuma was, after all, Hap-penis.